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Habitat For Humanity



I've always wanted to do something meaningful with my work. When I got my Eagle Scout rank, my service project was a series of instructional videos about my hometown's parks. Recently, I've begun working with my local Habitat for Humanity chapter as their unofficial videographer.


Here you'll find the videos and projects I put together for them & if you're interested in getting involved, links to their sites are on the bottom of the page.

Carter Project 2013
Union Beach, NJ
Times Square House

October 10th, 11th and 12th marked the final stop for Habitat for Humanity's
2013 Carter Work Week.
The Goal: Repairing, Refurbishing & Rebuilding 18 homes tin Union Beach that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

With over 600 volunteers (Including one former US president), 18 families were able to get back in their homes! This video is the story of that event.

But there is more work to be done in Union Beach as well as all of monmouth county. New projects are being added every week.

Video by Eric Hackler
Music by Kevin MacLeod
"Not Alone"
Written and Performed by The Real Jersey Gina
All Rights Reserved

To mark the beginning of the Hammers For Habitat partnership between Lowes and Habitat For Humanity, construction leaders and volunteers spent 2 days building a house in the middle of Times Square. The Morris family from Sea Bright, NJ lost their home when Sandy came ashore in 2012. Thanks to this build, within the next few months, this house will be re-assembled on site in Sea Bright. Hopefully the Morris Family can be back in their home by August 1st.



Takatof Team From Dubai
Sea Bright, NJ

As a follow-up to the Times Square Build, Habitat For Humanity partnered with the UAE based volunteer organisation Takatof (Arabic for "Shoulder to Shoulder") to bring a team to NJ. For a week, this team of around 13 prepared the foundation where the house from Times Square will soon sit.



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