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Filmmaking Isn’t A Business...


...It’s magic with a capitalist infection.

(anyone who says different, is selling something)


Debuting in 2008 with Blaze of Glory, Checker Liar Pictures takes a radically humanist approach to filmmaking both on the screen, in the script and behind the camera.


For starters, we’d rather make movies than money. We tell these stories because we want to and because we have a duty to. Ideas are the most valuable commodity we have. And we make these movies because we truly believe in bringing our ideas to life. For us, that's just too awe-inspiring a task to degrade to simple "can we sell it" thinking.


Checker Liar Pictures exists to preserve the fun and magic of filmmaking. Oftentimes, our stories are created, planned & shot all in the same week. That freedom to just let an idea possess you and to create something from it is where we find a lot of the joy that drew us to filmmaking in the first place. 


The people working on our sets believe in the stories we tell and everyone has something to contribute. On set, our cast & crew are our brothers and sisters.


From musicals, to dramas. From shorts to features. From gangsters to sociopaths. Checker Liar Pictures works to make films that grab the audience's attention, sends them flying into a dark brilliant world and leaves them inspired and thoughtful as they re-enter (and hopefully brighten) the world. 

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