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Clutter Luck - season 1

The Antiques Roadshow/Airplane mashup would be funny enough on it's own. But then we had to go and cast a bunch of comedians.

Of course the trope generator from Episode 12 didn't help much either...


Watch the whole series here 

Ripples of Water - feature film

Ripples of Water is one of my proudest achievements, but and though we shot the majority of it in 8 days, that doesn't mean, we didn't goof off a little.

Also if you're looking for a reason to hate trains (possibly to avoid a playdate with a nephew or step-foster kid), this reel is for you.


You can check out the trailer on my Narrative page

& watch the whole film on Amazon Prime & AppleTV

The Funnel Web - short

This film is still in  post-production, but I couldn't not share the reel. The script for this film has a lot of cutaways and cut off lines, so I asked the cast to fill in the spaces.

They didn't disappoint. It's amazing we got anything done with this hilarious team on set.



Drifting - short

Any action movie is going to have outtakes. Especially when it's a low-budget short film. But that's part of the fun. Plus now you get to witness the beauty that is Zach Caruso Between Takes.


You can check out the film on my Narrative page


American Splenda - short

Anything writer Jess Hadden touches is going to be funny, so it wasn't a surprise when our "Leave It To Burglars" movie had a good gag reel.

What was a surprise was New Pepsi coming in to sponsor the thing...

Also, please enjoy Nick Haberstroh's bedroom eyes.

You can check out the film on my Narrative page

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