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FINALIST - Out Here Now - 2019.jpg

Ripples of Water

producer, cinematographer, drone pilot, editor, colorist

1 hour 42 min

Peter Abano's 50th birthday will go down in history as one of the most awful, and wonderful. Newly single, depressed and ready to give up, until a younger mysterious stranger appears. He is about to learn: Friends are everything, it's never too late to find love - and brunch is sacred.

Directed by A.J. Ciccotelli.

Screenplay by A.J. Ciccotelli & Gian Carlo Durland

Now available on Amazon Prime & AppleTV


SEMI-FINALIST - jellyFEST - Season 4 - 2
qFLIX Philadelphia 2019 - RIPPLES OF WAT
qFlix Winner.jpg
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Depth of Field Inte
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Queen Palm Internat
Philadelphia International Film Festival

Send Out The Clowns

cinematographer, editor, colorist

 8 min

Ex-detective-turned-professional-clown-hunter, Ellery King arrives at Burnett's Fright House (Black Rock, MD)

to take on a unique infestation

directed by Eleanora Hyde

written by Sam Miller


Clowns - Best Film.jpg
Clowns - Best Writing.jpg
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Clowns - Audience.jpg
Clowns - Best Director.jpg
Clowns - Best Cinematography.jpg
Clowns - Best Actress.jpg
Clowns - Best Actor.jpg


writer, cinematographer, editor, colorist

8 min

After re-discovering an old unfinished play about his first love, a playwright decides to finish it (and the past) once and for all. Then he casts his wife in the role of his dead girlfriend.

directed by Eleanora Hyde

written by Eleanora Hyde, Chelsea Shaw, Eric Hackler, Shelley Harris



Puppies - Audience.jpg
Puppies - Spirit.jpg
Puppies - Best Director.jpg
Puppies - Best Cinematography.jpg
Puppies - Best Editing.jpg
Puppies - Best Writing.jpg
Puppies - Best Ensemble.jpg
Puppies - Best Score.jpg


cinematographer, editor, colorist

 5 min

Alex meets her girlfriend, Molly's family for the first time & gets a mouthful of their favourite Christmas delicacy

directed by Eleanora Hyde

written by Sam Miller


Fruitcake - Best Film.jpg

Diet TaB presents

American Splenda

director, producer, cinematographer, editor, colorist

12 min

A group of bumbling robbers target the classic nuclear family, sponsorship ensues

written by Jessica Hadden

2017 Official Selection - Hang on to You
2017 Official Selection - Art is Alive F
2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION - The Brightside
2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION - Great Lakes In

The Dance

producer, cinematographer, actor, editor, colorist

24 min

After re-discovering an old unfinished play about his first love, a playwright decides to finish it (and the past) once and for all. Then he casts his wife in the role of his dead girlfriend.

Written & Directed by A.J. Ciccotelli.



Official Selection - In The Cut - 2021.j
Official Selection - Manhattan Rep Stori
Official Selection - Block Island - 2021


writer, director, producer, cinematographer, actor, editor, colorist

2 min

For those moments when you feel like Death is closing in on you...

Occasionally, I'll get the urge to just film something & that's often where some of my most fun & interesting ideas get explored. It's almost a therapy for me to strip away all the extra pressure & paperwork that comes with filmmaking and just shoot something. You'll see a few films like that on this page.

It Could Happen

director, cinematographer, editor

16 min

A small town community meeting takes on the bathroom bill crisis. Hilarity ensues. Insanity continues.

Also Tom is there.


Written by Jessica Hadden.


writer, director, cinematographer, editor, colorist

10 min

An inventive forger, trying to take her game to the next level, gets tunnel-visioned on the prize and doesn't notice that she might have stolen the wrong identity.


F*ck Maturity

writer, director, actor, actor, cinematographer, editor

2 min

Which version do you want to be? 

This is another one of my let's-just-shoot-something films. It was a fun challenge figuring out how to play both roles & stage the fights. No better pick-me-up after a bad day.

Barnegat Light

cinematographer, editor, colorist

9 min

The town of Barnegat Light is surrounded by more than just water. Here the daily struggles of life are woven in with the voices and visions of those who've long passed.

written by Jose Celestino Campusano & Donald Mann

directed by Jose Celestino Campusano


writer, director, cinematographer, editor

2 hours 24 min

Russian Roulette. 6 people all desperately hoping to find more than a bullet at the end of the barrel.



writer, director, editor, colorist

17 min

After 1,000 illegal experimental clones escape their facilities, bio-medical research company CelestiaCorp hires bounty hunter Violet Castaway to discreetly clean up their mess not knowing the strain it will put on her or what it will force her to do in the end...


2015 Official Selection - North Jersey T

No Rush

writer, director, actor, cinematographer, editor

2 min

Wouldn't it be nice to have more time?

The Pieces of Osiris - promo

writer, director, editor

1 min

Disgraced secret agent, Cameron Osiris is offered one last chance at reviving his career...if he takes out the 3 personality traits that led to his downfall.

Since this film is currently in post-production, I wanted to share this character promo to give you the feel of the movie to come.


cinematographer, editor

15 min

When a young girl is shot, two detectives take different approaches to evoking a confession from the shooter.

Directed by Elena Kritter

Written by Jack Foley

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Suction First Glance 2019.jpg
Hudson Valley Suction 2019.jpg
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Suction Brightside 2019.jpg
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