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From posters to logos to photographic work, I've had many excuses to open up photoshop over the years.

Here are some of my favourite pieces

Funnel Web Movie Poster


Ripples of Water Movie Poster
ClutterLuck Roma Series Poster
Ripples Of Water Streaming Announcement
Devil's Playground Movie Poster
An Inspector Calls Playbill Cover
Hamlet Yorick Poster Joke
Shakespeare Hamlet Poster
Undermind Graphic Poster
Drifting Movie Poster
Importance Of Being Earnest Poster
The First Step Graphic Poster
Extremities Wasp Poster
Eddie Wander Bold Magazine Cover
Eddie Wander Amuze Magazine Cover
Eddie Wander Time Magazine Cover


Surprisingly not the same thing as above.

These posters were props and appeared in the film 'The Funnel Web'

Eddie Wander Hollywoodland Magazine Cover
Eddie Wander Foreman Magazine Cover
Twisted In Nature DNA Logo


Designs for company logos, postcards & merchandise

Twisted In Nature Postcard Back
Twisted In Nature Antelope Canyon Postcard
Twisted In Nature Natural Bridge Postcard
Twisted In Nature Glacier Bay Postcard
Twisted In Nature Rocky Mountain National Park Postcard
Hamlet Don't You Know
V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes Half Mask
Handful of Fire Bokeh


Oh, the things we can do to make pictures cooler...

Card Magic Card Explosion Portrait
Lighter Fire Flame Bokeh
4 Aces Card Portrait
Storybook Imagination Takes Flight
Bartending Magic Portrait
Pick A Card Portrait
Importance of Being Earnest Character Poster Gwendolyn
Importance of Being Earnest Character Poster Algernon
Importance of Being Earnest Character Poster Cecily
Importance of Being Earnest Character Poster Jack
Importance of Being Earnest Character Poster Lady Bracknell
Importance of Being Earnest Character Poster Miss Prism


And then sometimes, you're just having fun/making art

Shattered Shackles Handcuffs Black Lives Matter BLM
Wander Love Wanderlust
The World Within Us City Forest Portrait Composite
Rose Youth Growing Heart of the Rose
Monster Puppy Says Hello
Art & Artist Paradox
Apocalypse of Crows
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