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Jimmy Carter & Habitat For Humanity - Union Beach, NJ

cinematographer, editor

After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Habitat for Humanity began working tirelessly in the Union Beach area to help those hit hardest. In 2013, their efforts became the last stop on Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter's cross-country week of volunteering.

I collaborated with Monmouth Habitat to cover & showcase the work from Union Beach, but also to cover the President's address. You can see his full speech here

Even being 89 at the time, Jimmy Carter can still get a nail in with 3 hits!


director, cinematographer, graphic designer, editor

School is the breeding ground for new minds & ideas, but usually  we think that refers to the students. DisruptEDtv was founded in 2017 to showcase exceptional new techniques, technologies & ideas from teachers & top educators for the purpose of "disrupting" education & making it more effective for today's students.

I oversaw & directed the first 2 seasons (30+ episodes)

Here's one of our favourites from Atlantic City with Don Wettrick, teacher & the founder of StartED Up - Check out Part II here

Who Am I To Say "No"?

Phil Korz comedy special

cinematographer, editor

I've had the pleasure of getting to work with Phil Korz on multiple projects, but him headlining Caroline's on Broadway was definitely a highlight.

Listening to Phil's stories about Crazy Sarah, the ambassador of Guam, Homeless Victor & Jimmy Stewart will have you cackling. And that's before he tells the Reba story. 

Check out all Phil's stuff here or on insta @philkorz

Hammers for Habitat

cinematographer, editor

My second collaboration with Monmouth Habitat for Humanity's Hurricane Sandy relief efforts & this time, we built a house in the middle of Times Square, NYC

To announce a new endorsement/collaboration with Lowes, Habitat of Monmouth built a house (that would eventually become home in Sea Bright, NJ) in the middle of Times Square. When we arrived, all we had was the foundation, but in 2 days, we had the house up, laid out, framed & ready for delivery!

music: "In Your Arms" by The Random Hubiak

Whale Tank with LEADU


LeadU is a school assembly & student empowerment organisation that focusses on making leadership, responsibility & creativity as fun and engaging as we all know it can be.

In this promo, we put the LeadU Crew in the pitch room to try & sell their idea to the toughest sharks in the business. I don't think I've ever had to tell people to stop smiling during takes as much as I do with this group.

Founder JD Wilson was also a guest on DisruptED

Check out his episode here

Anti-Racism Panel at UMCRB

cinematographer, editor

It's often worrying to see a church making a social justice video, but the team at The United Methodist Church of Red Bank are truly committed to promoting equity, supporting their community, & following the Message even if society (or even some religious doctrines) aren't as progressive yet.

In this panel, Pastor Jessica Naulty along with Nicola Blake & Educator Kathy Hackler (yeah, my mum) discuss their experiences, the goals, & challenges in creating anti-racist families and communities.

Living Room Leadership

with LEADU


Back with LeadU as we head into the first Covid-19 lockdown. Since they couldn't have assemblies in person, the crew got together & created lots of fun games & activities for kids to do in their own living rooms. All emphasising creativity, cooperation & leadership.

Check out the whole series here

F*ck Maturity

Cast Interview

cinematographer, editor, actor, actor, PA

And then there's this.

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