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I can't tell you much about these films, but it's exciting to share some of what I have coming up.


  • Last Wave: The Curse of the Nicolas Cage Surfboard

    • SYNOPSIS: The surfing scene in small town of Point Bleak, New Jersey is thrown into chaos following the arrival of a cursed surfboard bearing the face of the Cage Man. Everyone in town better brush up on their Cage filmography or risk being the board's next victim.

    • DIRECTOR: JD Wilson

    • WRITER: JD Wilson

    • ROLES: Cinematographer, Editor

    • GENRE: Horror/Comedy

    • STATUS: In production/post-production

    • As we finish up principal photography, we've begun to do some rough edits. Aiming to have a full rough cut by late fall 2021.


  • The Funnel Web

    • SYNOPSIS: A buncha high-powered idiots attempt to plan an inept political kidnapping.

    • DIRECTOR: Yours Truly

    • WRITER: Yep, that's me too!

    • ROLES: Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor

    • GENRE: Comedy

    • STATUS: Post-production

    • Just fine tuning the score & SFX work. The film should be completed & heading to festivals by the summer.

  • Where You're Going

    • SYNOPSIS: A couple lost on the highway at night choose the wrong person to ask for directions. Someone they think they might have seen before...

    • DIRECTOR: Zach Caruso

    • WRITER: Zach Caruso

    • ROLES: Cinematographer/Editor

    • GENRE: Horror

    • STATUS: Completed

    • Been waiting for the pandemic to break before sending this one out into the world. With vaccine rates increasing, I think this one will be reaching audiences very soon. Maybe this Halloween...

  • The Paddler

    • SYNOPSIS: Amos, at the low point of his life, decides to prove he still has the luck that's always carried him, by paddling to Atlantic City & risking everything.

    • DIRECTOR: Donald Mann

    • WRITER: Donald Mann

    • ROLES: Cinematographer, Editor

    • GENRE: Journey/Drama

    • STATUS: Completed

    • We just added the music to the film & finished the final credits so this one should be starting it's festival tour very soon.

  • Sleight

    • SYNOPSIS: Alone in an isolated mansion, a stagnant writer begins to experience strange hauntings.

    • DIRECTOR: You guessed it!

    • WRITER: Me, sort of - the story is mostly silent and the action was improvised

    • ROLES: Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Actor

    • GENRE: Horror

    • STATUS: Completed.

    • Like with "Where You're Going", we've been waiting for the pandemic to abate before showing this one. Excited to bring its spookiness to festivals and audiences.


These are short scripts & stories that we're considering/looking to produce in the near future

  • Brownie Points - a comedy about cowardly politicians & proper credit

  • The Fast-Dealing Game - a classic noir mystery

  • Cody's Tab - the last person you want to meet in a bar. Especially when you're planning a murder.

  • Left Out - a hallucinatory adventure set at a party for left-handed people.

  • Clockwork - a detective explains the events that led to Roxie Philidor's death. But is it a little too simple?

All of these projects are produced - at least in part - by Checker Liar Pictures

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