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Eric also played infamous hero of the proletariat, Oogie Boogie in a 2020 production of The Nightmare Before Christmas


Eric Hackler

Every frame, every picture, every word, every note could be the one that defines someone's life.

Don't waste it.


"First New Jersey, then Iceland, then maybe the world if I don't get distracted by waterfalls and auroras."


Born and raised at The Shore, I began acting at age 8, was first published at 13, wrote & directed my first feature at 16 and it's only gotten crazier from there. I've always had a thing for performing and telling stories (or having them told to me). 


A dozen years later, I’ve played Hamlet, drums & Texas Hold'em. I’ve filmed teachers and taught film. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked in Europe, Boston, New York & Los Angeles on both the business and creative sides of the film industry. I’ve directed over 20 short films as well as three features. My scripts and films have been featured in festivals and my theatrical productions have won awards across NJ.

Most days, I can be found in the edit suite or on any film set insisting that the director should include more silhouette shots. Most nights, I’m chasing the moon with a camera in my hand. 


I have a degree in directing from Emerson College

Magna Cum Laude - Class of ‘13



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