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Alaska Poetry (smaller).jpg

Photographs by Eric Hackler | Poems by ShelbyLynn Pursley

ShelbyLynn & I thought it would be a fun collaboration to overlap our creative processes. The photos & poems on this page were edited/composed at the same time
live on youtube.

We hope you enjoy this look into our shared creative process

Check out more of ShelbyLynn's beautiful poetry


Alaska Poetry-14.jpg
What We Carry Poem
Alaska Poetry-1.jpg
Nature & Man Poem
Alaska Poetry-6.jpg
Alaska Poetry-7.jpg
Alaska Poetry-8.jpg
Bridge - Whispers of the Past.jpg
Bridge - Bridge of Time.jpg
Bridge - Searching for Answers.jpg
Alaska Poetry-13.jpg
Eagle - Prosperity & Honesty.jpg
Alaska Poetry-3.jpg
Power Lines - Man's Domination.jpg
Alaska Poetry-10.jpg
Mountain & Trees - Nature's Majesty.jpg
Alaska Poetry-9.jpg
Train - Nature's Embrace.jpg
Alaska Poetry-11.jpg
Glacier CU - Beauty In The Overlooked.jpg
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