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One of my favourite roles on a stage or set is fight choreographer. Like with directing & writing, every aspect of it is about story & character and it's such a blast to invent ways to showcase that while being awesome, violent and safe!

Prior to college, I spent years studying karate & aikido - as well as researching film fight choreography. At Emerson, I studied (and eventually co-taught some events) with Ted Hewlett (Hook, Army of Darkness). Back in Jersey, I teamed up with Devin Dean (who is 10x the martial artist I am) and we spent years teaching seminars to film schools on how to plan, block & film fight scenes.

For the past 2 years, I've been the Fight Choreographer In Residence with Somerset County's ReThink Theatrical.

Credits include: Hamlet (twice), Robin Hood, Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, Oklahoma,

many short films, & my cousins kids on the beach.

Most of what you'll see here is rehearsal footage to give an idea of how these fights are created, taught & communicated.

Romeo + Juliet  fight call

Romeo & Juliet has a whole slew of fights. As choreographer, I ran every pre-show fight call to make sure everyone was set for that night's performance.

We run each fight twice. Once slowly to retain the movement and then at speed to ensure we can do it safely when the acting adrenaline is flowing

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        Tybalt v Benvolio


Romeo v Paris       




      Tybalt v Mercutio

Romeo v Tybalt         

fight tutorial from Pieces of Osiris

rough fight scene from Pieces of Osiris

Co-choreographed by Devin Dean.

This is one of the fight videos we created for the film so the actors could practice and retain their choreography.

Co-choreographed by Devin Dean.

Here's a rough cut of what the fight looks like in the final film.

Macbeth fight tutorial/rehearsal

A rehearsal run of the final fight in MacBeth.

William Douglas Turner as Macbeth (sword)

Andy Martinez as Macduff (big honkin axe)

Oklahoma fight tutorial/rehearsal

Rehearsal run of the Curly & Jud fight

in the final scene of Oklahoma.

Usually this fight is small, but our director wanted to expand it :)

fight choreo goes a little bit wrong

cousin's kids fight on the beach

my first fight choreo reel

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